Virtual Summit: Incorporating Data Science and Open Science in Aquatic Research

18 July 2024
14:00-14:15 UTC - Introduction, Welcome, and Ground Rules
14:15-15:05 UTC - Big Data
14:15-14:25 UTC Stephanie Figary @StephFigary
Zooplankton as indicators: Building and using a global dataset to explore environmental drivers of zooplankton community composition
14:25-14:35 UTC Rosalie Bruel @RosalieBruel, Zeynep Ersoy @zzeynepersoy, and Maria Caldero Pascual @CalderoPM
Insights from global data collection on freshwater zooplankton body size
14:35-14:45 UTC Patrick Pata @patrickrpata
Zooplankton trait data harmonization and interoperability
14:45-15:05 UTC Live Q&A with the speakers
15:05-15:25 UTC Break
15:25-16:30 UTC - Data Intensive Models
15:25-15:35 UTC Ricardo Marroquin
Near-term lake water temperature forecasts can be used to anticipate the ecological dynamics of freshwater species
15:35-15:45 UTC Emma Chollet Ramampiandra
Comparative and methodological studies of machine learning and statistical models to predict spatial distribution of species
15:45-15:55 UTC Ceara Talbot @CearaTalbot
Leveraging aquatic data to constrain landscape carbon budgets within a coupled process model framework
15:55-16:05 UTC David Ortiz @H2Ortiz
Comparing spatial and temporal methods to evaluate lake variability
16:05-16:30 UTC Live Q&A with the speakers
16:30-16:55 UTC - Break
16:55-17:55 UTC - Panel: Careers in Data Science and Open Science
Kate Fickas @katefickas - Esri
Arik Tashie @ArikTashie - ClimateAI
Kateri Salk @KateriSalk - TetraTech
Leslie Smith - Your Ocean Consulting, LLC
Tung Nguyen @thanhtungmilan - Jacobs Solutions, Inc
17:55-18:00 UTC - Closing Remarks
19 July 2024
14:00-14:15 UTC - Introduction, Welcome, and Ground Rules
14:15 - 15:05 UTC - Climate Change
14:15-14:25 UTC Carly Olson
Disentangling the influence of global change drivers on lake organic carbon burial using a coupled data-modeling approach
14:25-14:35 UTC Ichiro Matsuzaki @Lake_sIchiro
Climate change impacts on Lake Kasumigaura: analyses of the monthly and high-frequency monitoring data
14:35-14:45 UTC Haoran Shi
Influence of global warming on ice cover and its impacts on future ship navigation in the Great Lakes
14:45-15:05 UTC Live Q&A with the speakers
15:05-15:25 UTC - Break
15:25-16:35 UTC - Applications of Open Science
15:25-15:35 UTC Elmera Azadpour @eazadpour
Communicating science through open source data visualizations
15:35-15:45 UTC Jordi Ribera-Altimir @JordiRibe2
Open fisheries monitoring systems for management: from data collection to web visualization
15:45-16:00 UTC Dylan Blaskey @DBlaskey
Co-producing open and actionable hydrologic models: bridging disciplines, scales, and ways of knowing
16:00-16:10 UTC Stephanie Jarmak @sgjarmak, Jennifer Bartlett, and Brit Meyers
Connecting Communities and Accelerating Science Discovery with the NASA Science Explorer
16:10-16:35 UTC Live Q&A with the speakers
16:35-16:40 UTC - Closing Remarks