Virtual Summit: Incorporating Data Science and Open Science in Aquatic Research

22 July 2021
13:00-13:15 EDT Introduction, Welcome, and Ground Rules
13:15-14:20 EDT Big Data
13:15-13:25 EDT Rachel M. Pilla @rmpilla
Building a Global Data Set of Long-Term Summertime Vertical Temperature Profiles
13:25-13:35 EDT Arnab Shuvo
Understanding the drivers of primary production in lakes worldwide by creating an open-access water quality database
13:35-13:45 EDT Alli N. Cramer @AlliNCramer
Pairing tagging data to biophysical models
13:45-13:55 EDT Lauren Koenig @lekoenig
How does river productivity respond to disturbance? Using models to bridge the gap between big-data patterns and ecological processes
13:55-14:20 EDT Live Q&A with the speakers
14:20-14:35 EDT Break
14:35-15:50 EDT Data Intensive Models
14:35-14:45 EDT Bella Oleksy @isabella_oleksy and Sarah Collins @eco_scollins
Using sparse models to gain a deeper, mechanistic understanding of freshwater ecosystems
14:45-14:55 EDT Dustin Kincaid @dustinkincaid and Scott Hamshaw @sdhamshaw
Watershed Data Science at the Event Scale: Challenges and New Approaches for Defining and Characterizing Event Concentration-Discharge Dynamics
14:55-15:05 EDT J. Rafael Cavalcanti
Integrando escalas, processos e modelos: O esforço para geração de resultados é necessário?
Integrating scales, processes and models: Is the effort in fact necessary?
15:05-15:15 EDT Shengyu Chen
Deep learning predictions of water temperature in stream-reservoir networks
15:15-15:25 EDT Maike Sonnewald
No free lunch: Robustly revealing mechanisms of ocean circulation change under global heating with transparent ML
15:25-15:50 EDT Live Q&A with the speakers
15:50-16:00 EDT Break
16:00-16:45 EDT Panel: Open Data for Open Science
Corinna Gries @EDIgotdata - Environmental Data Initiative
Emily Graham @emilybonnell_g - Worldwide Hydrobiogeochemical Observation Network for Dynamic River Systems + 1000 Soils Project
Paul Hanson - Global Lake Ecological Observation Network
Julia Masterman @juliamasterman - Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. Twitter: @CUAHSI
Claire Lunch - National Ecological Observatory Network
Gil Nelson @iDigGilNelson - Integrated Digitized Biocollections
Ted Kratschmer - Great Rivers Ecological Observatory Network
16:45-17:00 EDT Closing Remarks
23 July 2021
13:00-13:15 EDT Introduction, Welcome, and Ground Rules
13:15-14:30 EDT Tools and Software
13:15-13:25 EDT Kelly Hondula @kellyproof
Using leaflet for interacting with geospatial data in R
13:25-13:35 EDT Colleen Nell @collnell
Visualizing flow: reflections from a year of water data viz
13:35-13:45 EDT Johannes Feldbauer
Using LakeEnsemblR to simulate future water temperature and stratification for a drinking water reservoir in Germany
13:45-13:55 EDT Chris Erdmann @libcce
Accelerating Science: The Importance of Making Research Data Useful and Usable
13:55-14:05 EDT J Stachelek @__jsta
Challenges and future directions for hacking lake bathymetry data
14:05-14:30 EDT Live Q&A with the speakers
14:30-14:45 EDT Break
14:45-16:00 EDT Applications of Open Science
14:45-14:55 EDT Sheila Saia @sheilasaia
Developing an Open Source Web App to Forecast Shellfish Harvest Closures in Coastal North Carolina
14:55-15:05 EDT Patrick Hanly
Enhancing the usability of community science biological data for continental-scale limnology
15:05-15:15 EDT Kaelin Cawley @KaelinCawley
Integrating NEON observational and sensor data to produce continuous discharge using a Bayesian model
15:15-15:25 EDT Jennifer Adam
Forecasting Water Supply and Demand in the Columbia River Basin
15:25-15:35 EDT Amina Pollard
Leveraging data to inform aquatic resource management options
15:35-16:00 EDT Live Q&A with the speakers
16:00-16:10 EDT Break
16:10-16:55 EDT Panel: Careers in Data Science and Open Science
Shelley Stall @ShelleyStall - American Geophysical Union
Luke Winslow - Wayfair
Steph Labou @stephlabou - University of California San Diego
Kara Woo @kara_woo - InsightRX
Charuleka Varadharajan - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Amina Pollard - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jennifer Scheuerell @scheuerell - Sharper Informatics Solutions & Sound Data
16:55-17:00 EDT Closing Remarks
17:00-18:00 EDT Virtual Social Hour